Monday, March 2, 2009

Blessings in time spent.

The girls and I went to see the movie confessions of a shopaholic. Mindless you say? Yes but time spent with 3 of my 4 daughters as the commercial says “ priceless”. We jumped in the car thinking we would be late to the movie. Going to a movie on a Sunday evening was Kind of random, but the Brooke wanted to see it and funny her husband really was not that excited to go? We parked the car and braved the wind that was so cold we yelled as we ran into the theater. As we entered the movie we realized that we were the only ones there to watch. We took the best seats in the house and propped up our feet. The movie was funny and kind of mindless but amazing the moral of the story was really good. “Place more value on people than things and don’t be defined by your things.”I can’t believe Hollywood was making some of the same points we learned this week in church. Throughout the movie I kept glancing down the row and appreciating how blessed I am with the people in my life and especially to be blessed with time with them. When the movie was over two of the girls stopped in the “little girls room” so I thought I would brave the wind and bring the car around to wait by the door for them. When they arrived at the car along with them came my cousin Julie, she had been in another movie and the girls met up with her in the bathroom. We visited for quite a while with the wind whipping in the open car door. One more silly blessing , time spent with a sweet cousin.


  1. ha ha we both posted about the "mindless"movie we saw last night. Its funny I kept thinking about the movie and how she "recovered"from being a shopaholic. I just finished cleaning out my back bedroom and our closet. UGHH we have so much crap. I wish I could just get all of that stuff out of the bedroom and put a crib and a rocking chair in there. I think it would be too much to actually have a empty nursery to remind me daily of what I want so badly. Glad we got to see the movie together it was worth rushing to the theater.

  2. I LOVE chick flicks and am so glads you had a good time! :)