Saturday, February 28, 2009

Funny "God doesnt need email,face book,or cell phones to connect us."

Thursday evening I was checking in on my face book friends when up pops a message from my 23yr old daughter. We chatted for a few minutes until for some reason we were disconnected. Then my cell phone rang. It was Brooke she wanted to continue the conversation that had been interrupted. She described how she wanted to start a Bible study group with freshmen girls at our church. She was having difficulty connecting with the right person and finding the girls for the group. I encouraged her to email the student ministry assistant. I told her she could find the email address on the church web site contact list.
My husband and I went off to join our 11yr old at her fundraising spaghetti dinner for a summer mission trip. When we entered the dining room we were surprised it looked like all the tables were full. We went through the line to get our food and then headed to the bleacher seats. I noticed 3 seats had just emptied at a table so I asked if we could sit there. Shortly after we sat down two more people joined us and started a conversation with another family. As I listened into the conversation one mother was describing how her 14 yr old daughter did not feel comfortable in the big youth group gathering and really wished she could be a part of a smaller group for Bible study. The other mother agreed her daughter really would enjoy that also. I introduced myself and explained the desire of my 23yr old and asked if the moms would like my daughters’ phone number to start a plan for a Bible study. \
We were all amazed at how God had made the connections and appointments for these individuals to have their needs met. I left the spaghetti dinner with a true sense of blessing that God is not dependent on email, face book, web pages, or cell phones. I called Brooke from my cell phone excited to share the connection God had arranged and that she didn’t need to struggle through any more emailing etc. God had figured it out. Funny she said I tried to contact the student ministries assistant through the web site and something was wrong with the web site. We laughed together how amazing and how quickly and efficiently God had answered this simple request. It had been less than two hours from our conversation.

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  1. Wow, it is amazing to see God's hand so clearly. I hope you are feeling much better!