Monday, March 16, 2009

First signs of spring

crocus are the first flowers to peek their heads out and show spring is coming. I love to see them it gives me a measure of hope when the days are mostly gray and rain seems to be pouring down everyday. When we get a reprieve from the rain its amazing to take a walk in the sun. Brooke, Tessah and the granddoggie Libby and I venture down the path. Appreciating the blessing of time spent with my 2 of my sweet daughters. After a recent wind storm many large trees fell Tessah is sitting on the tree and behind her is the root system of this huge tree uprooted.


  1. Are they wild flowers? They look glorious! Reminded me of Matthew 6:30..

  2. No, not wild . They grow from a bulb and have to be planted.Once planted they come back year after year. Someone in my neighborhood planted them in their lawn and the little flowers are blooming up through the lawn.