Sunday, March 29, 2009

Part of my heart is coming closer

When all my children lived under my roof and I could reach out ,hug them and love them I had no idea what it would be like to have my heart stretched out over the entire continent of the U.S.A. This week I am blessed to look forward to my #2 daughter coming home to visit while her military husband is off for training for 3wks. I feel a sense of relief thinking about wrapping my arms around her tiny frame.

My blessing this week is the realization that God is so capable of hugging my kids when I cannot touch them. He is with them always. I worried, that is the key word worry we should never use, my daughter needed comfort when she took her husband to the airport this week for his training. I was in pain thinking about her driving back from the airport alone for the first time since her marriage 7months ago. Far away in NC I could not sit next to her in the car as she drove back from the airport. The night before I called to pray for her over the phone. By the way God does hear us when we pray. I prayed that God would ride back from the airport with her and that God would comfort and carry both my daughter and son in law through this time of separation. I called her at 5:30 am knowing she would be back by this time. When she answered the phone I knew immediately that peace and comfort had been her companion on the drive that morning. Her calm voice stating "Mom I was just fine, I didn't even cry." Its not that I never want to have my kids experience difficulty or grow I guess its the hope that they will experience Gods personal presence in their difficulties like I have in my life. I am experiencing a different dimension of Gods love when I see Him loving and caring for my grown kids. Im happily anticipating my daughters visit but I am continuing to ask God to be with my son in law during his training and the comfort of my daughter as her heart is stretched across the U.S.A. to her husband as he endures and grows in his training.


  1. What a beautiful couple. You are such a wonderful mom and a neat godly woman.


  2. Thanks for being a prayen momma. I am amazed at how wonderful my God is; the things He's having me walk through are NOT things I can do on my own. Every step is a miracle

  3. You inspire me to hold in more strength and give god our thanks ..even when we don't understand things sometimes..

    Thank you for giving me peace this morning.

  4. They are an absolutely beautiful couple.

    Thank you for posting about this. As my sons grow into their teeen/young adult years there are going to many times where I am going to have to do what you've suggested and that's just let God guide them through, as he will.