Monday, April 8, 2013

Blessings in my painting class

In the last few weeks my heart has been drawn back to the people of Haiti. Last term I fulfilled a goal that had gathered dust in the back of my mind. After traveling to Haiti in 2010 I returned with many pictures of beautiful children. I wanted to paint portraits of these children. 9 wks of class produced 5 paintings and at my final critique my instructor asked me when are you going back to Haiti. I replied I don’t know if I ever will. To which she responded you should consider it I can tell by your painting your heart is drawn to these people. Last Thursday I received an Email from Hearts a fire telling of an opening on the July 2013 team due to a cancellation.  My heart is tugged but I push the thought away because a louder voice of reason is saying “you don’t have the money to go.” Two days later I'm on FB when I get a message from one of the young Haitian men who helped with translation while I was on the Medical team. At the end of our usual interchange of how are you etc. he asked me when are you coming back to Haiti? I responded I have no plans unless God plans. To which he responded “ I will pray” . As I look at the paintings I remember how God blessed me through the opportunity to serve others.