Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to reality

Back to working night shift after almost 3 weeks off. Ive had a Reality check for sure. The last shift I worked we had to transfer 2 preterm patients by code three ambulance to the high risk center at the same time. For my family birth dept. this is pretty exciting. The night just didn't slow down.
My parents have been in town visiting and we had the family reunion for my grandmas family. She is the oldest of 7 kids. Only 3 are still living. It was kind of sad because the day was kind of drippy and cold. Usually about 75 people attend and this year only about 40 showed up. When it as over my grandma made the comment " I'm not sure who will make it to next year." Maybe I wont. Reality is we all grow old and die. I just remember when we all gathered in my great grandmas yard to celebrate her birthday the second weekend of July. I remember when we took the picture of 5 living generations. Kind of fun to think my oldest daughter is pregnant with the 5th generation again. My husband and I realized this was the first year in 24 that we came to the picnic with no kids. A. and T. were invited to spend the weekend at a cabin with another family. The coolest part was the kids got to fly in a small plane across the state to join their friends already at the cabin. They spent the weekend riding horses and enjoying the woods. My husband and I had a very unusual two days with an empty house. It was quiet,the kitchen stayed clean and the pillows stayed on the couch.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Too much fun

The pictures say it all.... Ive been having fun with my kids and numerous celebrations.

Grandbaby 14wks and growing....
The latest cake creation of my sugar artist daughter