Sunday, March 15, 2009

The police officer was very nice.

No, I really didn't want to meet any police officers today
but one wanted to meet me.
Can I say OH!!!!!! MY!!!!!!! Goodness!!!!

No I was not changing lanes no,I was not speeding . As I approached the crosswalk the light changed to yellow. OK slam on the breaks or go through. Considering the wet road and cars directly behind me I went through, and yes I am again on the side of the road meeting a police officer.

This time all I can think of is how lucky and stupid can I be to get two tickets in two weeks, considering Ive been driving for 30 years with only one ticket. All I could think of is How much is this ticket going to cost? and how high will my insurance go up or will the company just drop my insurance? All this and my cell phone rings before the officer can approach my window. I answer my phone and start to cry as I tell my friend I am getting another traffic ticket. I give the officer my drivers license and she tells me not to worry she was not giving me a ticket today. Wow what a blessing!!! She then explains she stops drivers mainly to educate not to ticket. So she tells me instead of a $250.00 ticket for going through the intersection on a yellow light I must remind 10 people that in Oregon it is against the law to proceed through on a yellow light. Can I just tell you I'm thinking maybe a bus pass is sounding good to me right now or some kind of drivers reeducation. I'm not sure how many lessons I can stand to learn this month.


  1. Wow, by His Grace, Amen! Yellow lights mean "slow down" but all of us use to "speed up".. Thank God for a gracious police that give chance!

  2. That's amazing! I would have been a mess as well if I'd been pulled over again. I would say you'll be telling more than ten people this story so I guess her request will be honored:)

  3. What the heck is going on with you lately? I cant believe your bad luck! What a great thing that you werent given a ticket. I didnt know it was illegal to go through a yellow light. I thought that a yellow light is so that you have the chance to stop if its safe or get through tht light before it turns red. I usually dont go through yellow lights but I will think twice before doing it now. Sounds to me like the GPD has it out for a certain silver Lexus!! Love you. And thanks for my gift in the pink bag I am wearing them now!!

  4. Im glad you liked the gift.It was funny I had already purchased the gift before you talked to me and said you were headed out to shop for exactly what I already had in the bag. Silly but I actually thought how God loves you so much he prompts me to buy you some little item you need. He really does care for us more than the birds....

  5. How sweet she was ... to give you a break...and to let you take her picture.

    I am so glad that you did not get another ticket!!!

  6. Ha Ha I was in no condition to take her picture especially since she was standing at my drivers side car window trying to get me to take a breath while she tried to keep from getting hit in the traffic. Yes Im thankful for no ticket. She really looked allot like this photo I found.