Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day week in review

Valentine’s Day morning
Roses and a pastry with strawberry cream cheese topping greeted me on the kitchen counter this morning. My husband doesn’t miss a chance to say I love you. What a Nice surprise after such a busy week. I started my work week last Friday night told to stay home from work because of not enough patients. At 2am the situation changed and I was called in to work. This was great except for some reason I had stayed up till 1 am watching a movie. I worked Sat, Sun, and Monday night, then slept Tuesday night. Wednesday I agreed to work till midnight, yes I stayed till 130am. I started my Wednesday morning with a leadership class downtown on accomplishing tasks. The patients kept coming in to the dept with no end in sight. Instead of meeting with my manager I worked to relieve other nurses so they could have a lunch break. I was ready to leave at 530pm when the charge nurse informed me they couldn’t reach a nurse who was scheduled to work extra on nights. I agreed to cover till 1am because at that time I would have been on the clock for 16hrs. It is against the law for me to work longer than 16 hrs. I kind of needed to rehearse what I had done this week because it all ran together and I was wondering why I was so tired. I am thankful for the work because there is not much construction work for my husband at this time.


  1. I am so glad you have such a wonderful valentine! Mine gave me red tulips and chocolate. What a sweetie. Thanks for the special holiday you brought to my work day :)I am on my 6th day straight of working. I am not complaining bc I am happy to have hours. And I know I will be happy when I see my paycheck as you will be also. Love you!!

  2. What a sweet man you have!

    You must be exhausted. So hard to catch up on rest after a string of days like that. Stay well!