Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two days in a chair

The last two days all I’ve done is sit in my chair. My head hurt, my muscles ached, my ears congested Kleenex box by my side and laptop open.Ive tried to think of something witty to write in my blog but my head is so foggy so I take a nap. Ive snooped around to see what others are doing on their blogs. I rarely am stopped by anything, but the last two days the combination of symptoms stopped me in my tracks. Thankfully all this hit while I am on my long stretch off work. My husband has done laundry, and kept the girls on track while Ive done nothing. I start my work week tomorrow with a Human resources class all day. Better to start with a class rather than a full 12hr night shift.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my blog--I really appreciate your words of wisdom! (((HUGS))) Prisca

  2. Being sick is just the pits, isn't it? At least we always get better!