Monday, June 29, 2009

The Blessing of 50 years

This is the memory movie my husband, daughter and I put together to honor my parents 50th wedding anniversary. We shared it with family and friends at the party on Saturday night. I asked my parents for two or three songs that were meaningful to them. The first song in the movie is the song sung at their wedding 50 years ago. I had not completed the finished version when we left for California. I asked my husband to preview it and finalize it. I was so shocked when 6hrs later I came back to the hotel and he was still working on it. I said I thought you would be reading by the pool. It was so sweet how he discribed the blessing he felt by viewing this over and over realizing the life of my parents and how after 28 years of marriage he felt so connected to my family and God really had done what He said. He had made us one.Pause my blog music tape player before you view my Memory movie.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What do Night shift nurses do for fun?

Rain, Rain, Rain. It rained so much today I wondered if I should start building an ark. This is normal weather for Oregon in June, but tomorrow my friends daughter is getting married and yes you guessed it she has planned and outside wedding without any option for rain. I am praying for a window of dry sky for the ceremony. The sweet sugar artist #2 daughter has been here for two days from NC but I have not had much time with her because of meetings at work and the crazy Physical Therapy schedule Im trying to keep up with to improve my stupid hip pain. Oh yes and then the practice time for the singing group the Family Birth Center "Sistas". Several of the night shift staff in my dept at the FBC including myself make up this fun group. We have performed at dept parties and the hospital fundraiser. Sat night we have a " Surprise Gig" to entertain at the graduation party for one of our staff who survived nursing school while working night shift as a tech. This tech is also a member of the group but we are surprising her.
Im excited to have a break from working night shifts until July 8th. My husband and I will leave the two younger kiddos with the #2 daughter and son in law while we travel to So. Cal to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversery and my parents 50th. I just have to survive this weekend as the only dept supervisor in town. Hmmmm what could go wrong???? No I wont even go there.
Yesterday an incredibly beautiful wedding cake emerged from my kitchen at the hand of my #2 daughter. She will deliver it tomorrow morning.
Today was another day to count blessings, lunch with my two oldest girls and a treasure hunt at the local Salvation Army store with #2 and #4. We had fun finding some summer outfits for next to nothing.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The little red wagon

This is a picture of my first little red wagon, full of a litter of puppies. Our beagle dog Sniffy had many litters as I grew up. I cant think of anything more fun.

After my little pity party yesterday I enjoyed a special day with the number 4 daughter we affectionately call "Skew". We explored the local farmers market, ate kettle corn and visited the vendor booth of my childhood friend Heaven Scent bakery. As 10yr olds we made huge messes in the kitchen and imagined the day we would have a cookie cart in the local mall. Now 36 yrs later I with 4 girls and she with 3 girls. She took our little girl dreams and turned them into a way to support her family after her husband left her when her youngest was 3days old.
The little Skew and I visited the craft store looking for a summer fun project. She found a white t shirt and marking pens to decorate it. On our way home in the car she made the comment "Mom that was fun. Thanks for I'm glad we got to go today" This was such a blessing to me, I needed to know I could find a little spot to connect with my youngest little girl.
As we were passing a roadside flea market I spotted an old red wagon. I turned around because I thought it would be a cute addition to my side yard garden. The red wagon was so perfect. I think it was as old as me. I reminded me of one I remembered playing with as a child. I really didn't have any business buying the old rusted wagon but just looking at it made me smile. The vendor at the flea market was so nice and helped me take the handle off so it would fit in the trunk of my car.
So now it graces my side yard garden full of flower pots

Friday, June 12, 2009


Today I was grieving a little. I realized life has changed again and I was missing some of what had gone. I missed my first and second born little girls. I was remembering the sweet things of the days when it was the three of us exploring a new world. I remember the early summer planning swim lessons and summer camp thinking of projects. Life is different with only two at home. At ages 14 and 11,text messaging, and ipods fill much of their life.I assigned chores for the girls and ran an errand with my husband. Much of the ride he had to talk on the phone for business. I missed the days when a car ride meant uninterrupted time with him. The two younger girls are finding more of their own lives with activities and friends. I took a look around and took a deep breath. Life had changed.Its OK to be a little sad.
Along with change I have to acknowledge blessings. The anticipation of a first grand baby and the joy I find in seeing the two families established by the two older girls marriages,the amazing son in laws and the lives I see them living.I need to remember to refocus with every change in life to see Gods plans and appreciate the life He has provided.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blessings in the side yard garden.

The side yard is my special place. The place I am totally in control. My husband likes order in the other parts of the yard, but this my place. Two chairs ready to invite a friend to join me for ice tea. The climbing rose used to grow across the arbor my second daughter and I made out of old tree branches but now the rose grows in a totally different direction. Out of control. 3 years ago I thought it was a great idea to buy some grape vines, but I didn't really plan a place for them to spread, so they grow across the fence.

This is a Tropicana rose salvaged from my cousins yard when his wife declared her complete dislike for roses. I swore I would never go around repeating the names of flowers like my mom but here I am telling you about the Tropicana in my yard that amazes me by starting out as a beautiful bright pink bud and blooms into a flower with hot orange and then fading into a yellow center. I am blessed by Gods creativity.