Sunday, June 14, 2009

The little red wagon

This is a picture of my first little red wagon, full of a litter of puppies. Our beagle dog Sniffy had many litters as I grew up. I cant think of anything more fun.

After my little pity party yesterday I enjoyed a special day with the number 4 daughter we affectionately call "Skew". We explored the local farmers market, ate kettle corn and visited the vendor booth of my childhood friend Heaven Scent bakery. As 10yr olds we made huge messes in the kitchen and imagined the day we would have a cookie cart in the local mall. Now 36 yrs later I with 4 girls and she with 3 girls. She took our little girl dreams and turned them into a way to support her family after her husband left her when her youngest was 3days old.
The little Skew and I visited the craft store looking for a summer fun project. She found a white t shirt and marking pens to decorate it. On our way home in the car she made the comment "Mom that was fun. Thanks for I'm glad we got to go today" This was such a blessing to me, I needed to know I could find a little spot to connect with my youngest little girl.
As we were passing a roadside flea market I spotted an old red wagon. I turned around because I thought it would be a cute addition to my side yard garden. The red wagon was so perfect. I think it was as old as me. I reminded me of one I remembered playing with as a child. I really didn't have any business buying the old rusted wagon but just looking at it made me smile. The vendor at the flea market was so nice and helped me take the handle off so it would fit in the trunk of my car.
So now it graces my side yard garden full of flower pots


  1. I like it. Funny how those pots never made it to being part of my wedding. Like the still born bachelor buttons planted there. I think the side garden is the cemitary for things left behind.

  2. So wonderful to get that one on one special time with your girl.

    Love your flea market, you need some puppies :)

    Enjoyed your reminiscing...


  3. No puppies needed we have a 130# Lab that lives at our house. Thats a whole litter of puppies all rolled into on dog.

  4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. You have no idea what it means to me. I am so "needy" right now I need all the prayers I can get. God bless you for caring..