Friday, June 19, 2009

What do Night shift nurses do for fun?

Rain, Rain, Rain. It rained so much today I wondered if I should start building an ark. This is normal weather for Oregon in June, but tomorrow my friends daughter is getting married and yes you guessed it she has planned and outside wedding without any option for rain. I am praying for a window of dry sky for the ceremony. The sweet sugar artist #2 daughter has been here for two days from NC but I have not had much time with her because of meetings at work and the crazy Physical Therapy schedule Im trying to keep up with to improve my stupid hip pain. Oh yes and then the practice time for the singing group the Family Birth Center "Sistas". Several of the night shift staff in my dept at the FBC including myself make up this fun group. We have performed at dept parties and the hospital fundraiser. Sat night we have a " Surprise Gig" to entertain at the graduation party for one of our staff who survived nursing school while working night shift as a tech. This tech is also a member of the group but we are surprising her.
Im excited to have a break from working night shifts until July 8th. My husband and I will leave the two younger kiddos with the #2 daughter and son in law while we travel to So. Cal to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversery and my parents 50th. I just have to survive this weekend as the only dept supervisor in town. Hmmmm what could go wrong???? No I wont even go there.
Yesterday an incredibly beautiful wedding cake emerged from my kitchen at the hand of my #2 daughter. She will deliver it tomorrow morning.
Today was another day to count blessings, lunch with my two oldest girls and a treasure hunt at the local Salvation Army store with #2 and #4. We had fun finding some summer outfits for next to nothing.


  1. You are an amazing, inspirational women who loves god, a wife of almost 28 years.. kudos for that because rarely do you know people that have been married that long,a mom, and a beautiful nurse.

    You inspire me and I thank you!!



  2. Busy!

    I do hope the wedding weather was improved!

    Have a wonderful trip. Wave if you see me on the freeway ;)

    Happy upcoming anniversary!!!!

  3. Wow what amazing wedding anniversaries to celebrate. Congrats!

    Thank you so much for coming to my bloghouse with the well wishes. It's an absolute miracle. Brooke is a dear and I've loved her stories of the Merm. Oh, and she's due on my birthday so it can't get much cooler than that. :o)

    Have a great time on your trip!