Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blessings in the side yard garden.

The side yard is my special place. The place I am totally in control. My husband likes order in the other parts of the yard, but this my place. Two chairs ready to invite a friend to join me for ice tea. The climbing rose used to grow across the arbor my second daughter and I made out of old tree branches but now the rose grows in a totally different direction. Out of control. 3 years ago I thought it was a great idea to buy some grape vines, but I didn't really plan a place for them to spread, so they grow across the fence.

This is a Tropicana rose salvaged from my cousins yard when his wife declared her complete dislike for roses. I swore I would never go around repeating the names of flowers like my mom but here I am telling you about the Tropicana in my yard that amazes me by starting out as a beautiful bright pink bud and blooms into a flower with hot orange and then fading into a yellow center. I am blessed by Gods creativity.


  1. how absolutely lovely. I know I've said it before, but your blog is just the most beautiful that I visit!

    Your garden is amazing. A perfect refuge!

    Thank you so much sweet friend for the kind words and prayers. I am feeling so very much better!

    Hope you are well!


  2. I love your garden! I am in love with flowers myself! Thank you for your prayers and your encouragment. My only daughter has informed us she is a lesbian. My heart is absolutley broken into a million pieces. This child had a heart for God all her growing up years and met an agent of the enemy at 19. Now at 21 she is barely recognizable to us. Please pray specifically for us that we would handle it correctly and that she would return to God.
    Love in Christ,
    Nancy/Sea of Grace....

  3. Go see what I left for you over on my blog! xo

  4. Ok, now that I know I can post a comment to your site...I tried a few days ago and it wouldn't post. Anyway, I loooovvvee your side garden!! It is awesome!

    It is a refuge, as wife.mom.nurse said!