Friday, April 24, 2009

Why did I think it was a good idea to schedule myself everyother weekend 4 12hr shifts in a row?

This seemed to be a good plan when I saw the 10 night of sleep in a row, but now I feel whiny on a Friday evening as my family winds down into the weekend play I'm revving up to work 4 12s. Once I'm at work I love to be there but right now I'm wishing I could just play with my family. I'm praying God will give me an attitude of anticipation for the work He has provided to me and the opportunity to care for patients and their families. A walk in the 1000 acre dog park with my Brooke and her fur baby Libby was a fun adventure today.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whats lost now? and why is my computer buggy?

This week has been a series of lost items, sets of keys, sunglasses, , more keys and then I couldn't find my current knitting project. My computer went buggy and is in the shop for repair. I hope its not fatal.I had last seen the knitting in my back seat when I went to work on Easter Sunday night or maybe I left it in the choir room between services earlier that day. Either way it was gone. One finished bootie and one half finished bootie, my bamboo needles and pattern in a zip lock bag. I tried to get over it but I kept having this silly frustration gnawing at me. In the mean time Monday morning comes and my husband couldn't find the keys to his truck. He drove it Saturday morning and didn't have a clue where they could have gone, he used the extra key to drive but couldn't get to the tools in the back because he didn't have an extra key for the canopy. Work stand still for a contractor. Monday afternoon having run out of other ideas he decided to search my car of all places. There were the keys on the back seat floor. Yeah. So now its Wednesday and Ive moved on to another set of booties still grieving the lost project. After I put away my groceries was folding my reusable bags and organizing some extras in the cupboard when I noticed one bag was kind of lumpy. So there was my knitting project stuffed in a reusable grocery bag in my kitchen all along. This is a very long story to say I relieved the lost was found, now if only the flute would show up that I thought I took to work and left in the staff room for a a coworker.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pedicure pondering.

When in doubt get a pedicure.
I worked Sunday night till 130 am got home only to get called back in at 245am. Just got to sleep when I was called back in. I need to work but I knew Kelsey would be headed back to NC early Wed am and I could feel the send off clock ticking. Monday I only slept about 2hrs and got up to go to lunch with Kelsey. Not enough patients in the hospital to require all the scheduled staff so I volunteered to stay home Monday night. I never cut myself short on sleep like I did on Monday. I knew better but couldn't resist maximizing my minutes with Kels. One of the most enjoyable experiences for me is to be with my girls all together doing something fun. The local pedicure salon was our meeting point. Brooke, Kelsey, Abigail and I all in a row doing the massage chair shimmie,soaking our feet and relaxing while pink polish is applied. I drank in the faces on either side of me.
I marked the moment in my heart for future reflection. I know the salon workers thought I was silly, but I snapped pictures of the girls on either side of me.
I love their faces and I feel blessed when I look at them. The phone rang near the end of our fun. Yes the stork was circling my hospital and they would need me at 8pm. I cherished the moment then hurried home to catch 2 hours of sleep before I went in to work. Today I am pondering the pedicure and thinking again how God can bless us through the simplest of things if we let Him.

Monday, April 6, 2009

She bakes a beautiful cake.

Sometimes God blesses us with simple pleasures. Mocha cake with choc ganache filling and Kahlua butter creme frosting .For the last few days I have had the blessing of my #2 daughter visiting from NC. I watched while she created this beautiful artwork in cake for a wedding shower I attended for a co-worker this week. I just love having her near so I can hug her. I am proud of her and how she trusts God with her life. She gives Him the credit for the blessings in her life and the strength He gives her to face difficult circumstances. As a parent I cannot take any credit. I can only appreciate the blessing and enjoy the cake ......

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My friend celebrates 35 yrs of marriage

This evening I celebrated with my friend. She and her husband have been married 35yrs and are an example of Gods hands and feet in this world. This is a women of God. I am blessed by knowing her and calling her my friend.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"No mam it was not a warranty issue."

I unfortunatly found out this week what it cost to spill a latte into shifting console of my then new car 3 years ago. My car dealership called me to schedule some factory warranty repairs, so my husband said " have them look at the gear shift when its in manual shift mode it sticks." So yesterday morning I heard the dreaded words " No mam it was not a warranty issue. Something sticky must have spilled into it and it must be cleaned with a special solvent to remove the residue." "Oh no I replied. How much will that cost?" $125.00. My mind flashed back to the first week I drove my new car three years ago. I was in a hurry and grabbed my laptop out of the passenger front seat to take it along. It was heavy ,I miscalculated and pulled it across the console. It caught the top of my full latte popping the top off and spilling it not only on my lap but down the console. I was horrified. I had never had a brand new car and now I was wearing latte and wondering how much damage I'd caused my car. Fast forward 3 years now I know the answer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mini concert In my Kitchen...

I marked a moment of blessing this evening. I realized all four of my daughters were actually under my roof at the same time. Kelsey is here from NC and Brooke came to meet with her girls Bible study group. Kelsey agreed to sing a few worship songs with the girlsand was trying out a few notes on us first. We were all in the kitchen together so I tried a new skill. I'm Not too good at Cinematograpy yet .Just a little moment but made me so happy I had to try to catch a clip and save it. (scroll down and pause my music before you try the kitchen concert.)