Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whats lost now? and why is my computer buggy?

This week has been a series of lost items, sets of keys, sunglasses, , more keys and then I couldn't find my current knitting project. My computer went buggy and is in the shop for repair. I hope its not fatal.I had last seen the knitting in my back seat when I went to work on Easter Sunday night or maybe I left it in the choir room between services earlier that day. Either way it was gone. One finished bootie and one half finished bootie, my bamboo needles and pattern in a zip lock bag. I tried to get over it but I kept having this silly frustration gnawing at me. In the mean time Monday morning comes and my husband couldn't find the keys to his truck. He drove it Saturday morning and didn't have a clue where they could have gone, he used the extra key to drive but couldn't get to the tools in the back because he didn't have an extra key for the canopy. Work stand still for a contractor. Monday afternoon having run out of other ideas he decided to search my car of all places. There were the keys on the back seat floor. Yeah. So now its Wednesday and Ive moved on to another set of booties still grieving the lost project. After I put away my groceries was folding my reusable bags and organizing some extras in the cupboard when I noticed one bag was kind of lumpy. So there was my knitting project stuffed in a reusable grocery bag in my kitchen all along. This is a very long story to say I relieved the lost was found, now if only the flute would show up that I thought I took to work and left in the staff room for a a coworker.


  1. Doesn't it feel like we go through seasons or periods like that? Don't like it.
    Hope you find the flute.

  2. Oh my! Glad you found the stuff, even if it might've had you thinking you've lost your mind!

  3. The knitting in the cupboard it too funny! At least you found it and are ahead on the next set~ huh?

    I seem to missplace things and have to search for them more than my husband.

  4. Your blog looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What did you do? I think it is one of the most favorite looks I have seen yet!!!!!!!!

    I go through terrible phases of loosing things...frustrating.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

  5. Thanks for the compliments on my Blog... I glad to report my computer is no longer buggy. Im off to work for the weekend. You all have a great one.