Monday, April 6, 2009

She bakes a beautiful cake.

Sometimes God blesses us with simple pleasures. Mocha cake with choc ganache filling and Kahlua butter creme frosting .For the last few days I have had the blessing of my #2 daughter visiting from NC. I watched while she created this beautiful artwork in cake for a wedding shower I attended for a co-worker this week. I just love having her near so I can hug her. I am proud of her and how she trusts God with her life. She gives Him the credit for the blessings in her life and the strength He gives her to face difficult circumstances. As a parent I cannot take any credit. I can only appreciate the blessing and enjoy the cake ......


  1. Simple??? Hello-ooooo? That is not simple. Betty Crocker Devil's food is simple.
    This is a rare thing of beauty.
    Both of them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. She DOES bake a beautiful cake. You have one talented girl~but I'm sure already knew that;)

  3. Kahlua butter cream frosting...are you kidding me? WOW! She is truly AMAZING! Let's see...she is beautiful, can bake a beautiful cake, sings beautifully, I am so glad she has a humorless & boring personality LOL hahaha! I missed not seeing her this visit, but I am sure you had a fabulous time.