Friday, April 17, 2009

Pedicure pondering.

When in doubt get a pedicure.
I worked Sunday night till 130 am got home only to get called back in at 245am. Just got to sleep when I was called back in. I need to work but I knew Kelsey would be headed back to NC early Wed am and I could feel the send off clock ticking. Monday I only slept about 2hrs and got up to go to lunch with Kelsey. Not enough patients in the hospital to require all the scheduled staff so I volunteered to stay home Monday night. I never cut myself short on sleep like I did on Monday. I knew better but couldn't resist maximizing my minutes with Kels. One of the most enjoyable experiences for me is to be with my girls all together doing something fun. The local pedicure salon was our meeting point. Brooke, Kelsey, Abigail and I all in a row doing the massage chair shimmie,soaking our feet and relaxing while pink polish is applied. I drank in the faces on either side of me.
I marked the moment in my heart for future reflection. I know the salon workers thought I was silly, but I snapped pictures of the girls on either side of me.
I love their faces and I feel blessed when I look at them. The phone rang near the end of our fun. Yes the stork was circling my hospital and they would need me at 8pm. I cherished the moment then hurried home to catch 2 hours of sleep before I went in to work. Today I am pondering the pedicure and thinking again how God can bless us through the simplest of things if we let Him.


  1. I love this post. What great pictures!!

  2. How fun that you got to spend some time with the "old married gals & Abbers as well....where is Tesserdoodle? I love seeing the pics of them....Short hair is so cute on those two.