Thursday, September 10, 2009

Full Fall day

What a full day I had today. I started by sleeping through my alarm to take my kids off to their first day of school. Thankfully I have two girls who have learned to set their alarms, fix their lunches, fix breakfast and make sure their mom is awake and ready to take them to school on time. Wow what an amazing thing really for and 11 and 15 yr old.
My hubby left this morning for some R&R Bow hunting in eastern Oregon so I'm on my own for a few days. I always think I should take on some project while he is gone. In past years when he has gone hunting Ive redecorated his office, painted one of the girls rooms dark purple, redecorated another child's room and thrown out stuff needing to go. I guess I'm more of a hunting season cleaner than a spring cleaner. I'm not planning any big projects this hunting season. Maybe just dust the house.
I intended to take myself off to the gym to get myself back into an exercise routine but alas I stopped off at the computer this morning and got lost in Face Book and emails.
Talked to the daughter living off in NC on the phone while she shopped at walmart. Weird how the world really can be so small with all the technology. I told her I would call her back after I went to Target with Daughter #1 so she could make a baby registry. We had fun with the registry gun clicking off all the little items she will need to care for her new arrival. It was strange even though Ive had 4 babies I was unfamiliar with some of the latest baby must have stuff. A whole aisle of baby bottles. Oh my it was overwhelming. I wasn't as much help as I think she thought I would be.
Lunch and then stop by work to drop off some supplies for a children's health fair scheduled at my hospital. The FBC is in charge of making hundreds of "Boo Boo Bunnies" In case you don't know these are wash cloths folded to look like a bunny and when a child gets and boo boo and ice cube fits inside for the child to hold on the boo boo. I was delayed by my manager wanting to talk to me about schedule changes and a charge nurse meeting tomorrow. I ended up being 15min late to pick up #4 daughter from her first day of JR high. Boy did I get a scolding on the text message. Where are you!!!!!
I called daughter #2 back and chatted while I drove to pick up #3,#4. I agreed to skype with her when I got home so she could show me her costume she got at walmart. How fun is that to be able to actually see her all the way in N.C.
While we were talking I heard a beep on the line. I took the call from the hospital. Yes too many labor patients and not enough staff for the night shift. No I cannot work all night. My husband is out of town but I could cover 730-mid
Daughter #3now in the car and asking if she can go visit her new love the sweet horse named Misty. I agree to take her but must be back to work by 730
Now I know why I'm so tired after today. After taking the girls to ride the horses I made sure they were OK with food etc and off I went to the hospital.
I worked till 11pm helping out by attending babies at their deliveries and odds and ends.Still busy when I left only one patient room empty in the dept.
What a full day. I better go to bed and set two alarms so over sleep again. It starts all over tomorrow. welcome to fall.


  1. What can I say but YOUR AMAZING!!



  2. Sounds like a busy day and lots of daughters. I'm in NC as well.