Tuesday, September 1, 2009

15 and "in love"

"Jumping with Misty"

"Satisfaction of caring for another"

"In Love"

This past week in my work as a Labor and delivery nurse we seemed to be running a special of the week. One after the other we admitted 14 and 15yr old to have babies. As the charge nurse in my dept I do most of the triage of patients. I had cared for One of these young moms several times through out the summer as she came in during the night with assorted complaints. My heart is very tender toward these very young girls and I somehow have been given extra compassion for the moms of the girls. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I have 4 daughters and know I do not have control over all their actions and choices. I am thankful I have not had to experience this road with any of my daughters but I am keenly aware of guiding and guarding thier hearts as they journey through the rocky path of 12-20.
One of these girls truely broke my heart. Her mom appeared to be concerned and caring to her pregnant daughter and truly overwhelmed with the circumstance she was in. She took me aside in the hall and thanked me for my care to her daughter. She said "You know this is not what I would have chosen for my daughter. I'm doing the best I can but I'm over my head. I appreciate your not judging me and being kind."
Every time this mom and daughter came in I again tried to reassure and encourage her. So when she came in this week to have her baby I again felt that draw to pray for them and do what I could to make good out of a difficult situation. I did not directly care for her but again as the charge nurse I get to check in on all the patients. The layers of drama unfolded revealing just how mixed up this 15yr olds life had become. How is it possible for a young girl like this to have no idea who is the father of her baby?
I asked my 15yr old daughter. Is this normal? She said Not normal with the people I hang out with but there is a small group of girls that behave like its their spot in life to just have sex with who ever wants. Sad huh. She asked me why are you asking me this? I told her I was just wanted to know what she thought of such a sad situation. The conversation to follow blessed me as she expressed her hopes and renewed goals to focus on school. With one week left of summer refocus and last minute fun is where were at.
It is such a relief to see Ab placing her affections on something other than boys. In the last few weeks she has taken the initiative to contact her older sisters father in law to spend time with their horses. I am proud of her honest approach offering to clean stalls brush horses etc in exchange for some riding opportunity.
Last week she asked if she could take one of the saddles home and condition the leather. She spent several hours working on this project. She was proud of herself when she returned it this week looking clean and shiny.
I'm so thankful to see my 15yr old loving her time with the horses instead of the situations Ive seen at work this week. I'm praying for a fresh start this year and success in her school work.


  1. Those photos are gorgeous, and so are the person and animals in them! I can't even imagine what the moms of those teen moms go through, or even the teen moms themselves. They're blessed to have you by their side!

    I left you a little something on my blog...

  2. A girl after my own heart!Let us know if we can do anything at all to help her follow this horse dream. Seriously. Let me know.

  3. Your compassionate heart is such a blessing, especially for these young mom's and their families.

    I am glad that your sweet girl is on a good path. She sounds like a neat girl.