Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Mom the booties you are knitting are for your Grand baby."

First grandbabys booties

Who knew when I misplaced my knitting project and started the pale green,baby blue and white cotton booties that this would be the pair my daughter would claim for my first grand baby.I guess I look a little too deep sometimes but I couldn't help but think how upset I was about misplacing my knitting project. I let it go and started fresh. I started this new pair and it just so happened I started them just as God was knitting a new life inside of my daughter. I need to remember sometimes what I see as loss God may turn into an opportunity for a unique reminder of how He can show Himself in little details we might call coincidences.
First daughter announces she and her husband were finally blessed to be pregnant after 17 months of hopeful waiting. It will be many months before we meet this sweet little blessing.He or She will be the best Christmas/New years gift ever. "God gives such amazing gifts."
Today is her 24th birthday and I'm remembering the day of her birth.I remember the moment the Dr placed her on my chest her eyes wide open and delicate fingers reaching out. My first baby and I was in love.

Happy Birthday Brooke I'm so happy to celebrate your anticipation to look into your baby's face and admire the details God has created.

Announcing the news to the sister in North Carolina

Brooke and a little Birthday cake

Yes the proud moment of waving the positive pregnancy test.(in a zip lock bag of course.)
The happy grand doggie. "I cant wait to see my new playmate"

Aunties to be

Brooke and Grandpa to Be
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